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Society & Culture

A discussion about Dating, Relationship and Sexuality in London

April 11, 2017

Closeted Adolescence & Bullying

In this episode we shift the focus to James who delves into his past to talk about what it was like for him coming out in rural England and also how he came to know his sexuality amid bullying and self-doubt.

Luckily; James, Marny & Ste are ready to offer words of encouragement and wisdom for the struggling teens who may be facing similar problems in todays modern world.

Join us as we take a turbulant trip down memory lane and remind ourselves that we are not alone and things do get better. :-)


If you are a teen and you are affected by any of the topics we discuss in this episode, you can find help and support here:

If you are in the UK and you wish to talk to someone call - 116 123

or in the US - 310-855-4673


Find us on twitter @SwipeMatchMarry or email us SwipeMatchMarry@gmail.com


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